This, my friends is an experience of a lifetime… I bet there is no place on earth which can be so simple and adventurous, yet so amazingly beautiful.

We had planned our road route from Srinagar to Leh. But due to military and political issues in Srinagar at that time, our folks didn’t even want to hear of us going there. So we had to change our route starting from Kullu in Himachal Pradesh instead of Srinagar.

Leh, has always been a dream destination for me. I wanted to go there purely to experience the Mighty Himalayas and a bit of the fragile and antagonistic environment of being close to the Line of Control;  Indo – Pakistan and Indo – China border.I tried the same route last year but I couldn’t even make it to Rohtang Pass because of huge traffic blocks caused due to landslides.

…..but this time I made it happen!

The view of Himalayas from the top of Rohtang Pass

…..this is just the beginning!

On a pleasant Thursday afternoon, the three of us… Me, Ruby (My better half) and Shaduly (friend of ours), after our long day’s work, left for Dubai as we were to board from there. After check-in, we roamed around in the duty free shops, got some extra memory cards and torch (which really came into use later). Just before boarding, we munched on Big macs without having a clue that we gonna be missing ‘the food’ immensely for the next week!!

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The Himalayan Road trip begins….